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The Steven Spielberg Divorce Exposed!

Steven Spielberg Divorce Exposed

Overview of the Steven Spielberg Divorce

The Steven Spielberg Divorce marked the dissolution of the marriage between film director Steven Spielberg and actor Amy Irving; the Steven Spielberg Divorce was finalized in 1989, which ended the 4-yearlong marriage – the couple was wed in 1985:

The Parties Involved in the Steven Spielberg Divorce

The identification of Steven Spielberg – both at the time of the Steven Spielberg divorce, as well as within modernity – as being amongst the most influential and successful film directors of the 20th century created a media feeding frenzy surrounding the coverage of the Steven Spielberg divorce settlement; Steven Spielberg is responsible for timeless films such as The Indiana Jones Series, Jaws, E.T., as well as The Back to the Future Series – this is just to name a few. Amy Irving also earned her celebrity status within the media as a result of her film career including Yentl and Carrie.

2 Shocking Facts within the Steven Spielberg Divorce Settlement

Within the exploration of the Steven Spielberg divorce settlement, 2 primary details thrust the proceedings into the public media without regard of the celebrity statuses of both Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving:

The Steven Spielberg divorce settlement is considered to be amongst the most expensive within the history of the United States; due to the fact that Steven Spielberg’s net worth was estimated to exceed $1 billion at the time of the finalization of the divorce, Amy Irving was reported to have received anywhere between $95 million and $105 million upon walking away from the Steven Spielberg divorce

Secondly, the Steven Spielberg gained notoriety due to the fact that Steven Spielberg penned a prenuptial agreement on a napkin in lieu of drafting an official contract under the counsel of an attorney; although the ad-hoc prenuptial agreement expressed the limitations to what Amy Irving would be entitled upon the dissolution of marriage, the presiding judge dismissed the validity of the makeshift agreement

The Terms of the Steven Spielberg Divorce Settlement

An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties have reached a mutual agreement with regard to the reasons behind filing for divorce, as well as the placement of fault in conjunction to the breakdown of the marriage. In the case of the Steven Spielberg Divorce, both Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving opted to file for a divorce uncontested – or unchallenged – in nature, which retained the classification of the reason for the Steven Spielberg Divorce as a result, a bulk of celebrity couples undertaking divorce proceedings opt to either settle outside of court or file for divorce in an uncontested fashion in order to avoid potential media coverage and publicity. However, subsequent to the ruling of the presiding judge, the following judicial review was set forth with regard to the terms of the Steven Spielberg Divorce settlement:

Due to the dismissal of the prenuptial agreement presented and drafted by Steven Spielberg on a napkin, Amy Irving was entitled to half of the couple’s combined, earned assets accrued during the time of their marriage; within the State of California, this is known as ‘Community Property’

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