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4 Questions Answered about the Reggie Bush Scandal

Reggie Bush Scandal

Can You Summarize the Reggie Bush Scandal?

The Reggie Bush Scandal can be summarized as a violation of the terms, conditions, and legality instilled within the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) by athlete Reggie Bush, who currently fills the position of running back on the New Orleans’ Saints – a franchise team within the National Football League (NFL). The allegations within the Reggie Bush Scandal state that while a student and football player at the University of Southern California (USC), Reggie Bush violated the strict rules upheld by the NCAA mandating that college athletes refrain from both offers and acceptance of preferential treatment from any entity existing both internally or externally with regard to that individual academic institution.

What Rules Were Broken in the Reggie Bush Scandal?

Due to the fact that the athletics programs existing within academic institutions are considered to be secondary to the academic and pedagogical integrity of that facility, any student of an academic institution is considered to be just that – a student first and foremost. However, due to a variety of factors existing within collegiate sports – including, competition, revenue, popularity, future enrollment, scholarships, and notoriety – a multitude of circumstances have existed in which student athletes were given preferential treatment with regard to their statuses as athletes; such was the case within the Reggie Bush Scandal:

Reggie Bush was reported to have accepted gifts, perks, and benefits valued upwards of thousands of dollars; these gifts were issued both to Reggie Bush, as well as to the family of Reggie Bush; in addition, these gifts – which are in strict violation of NCAA regulations – ranged from cash to limousine rides furnished by the University

What is the Heisman Trophy?

The Heisman Trophy is amongst the most prestigious accolades granted to one college athlete participating in the football program, which takes place on an annual basis; the trophy signifies excellence in the sport of college football - in 2005, Reggie Bush was the recipient of the Heisman Trophy, which contributed to the developments within the Reggie Bush Scandal investigation:

Reports have been released stating that the University furnished a limousine to transport Reggie Bush to the ceremony in which he received the Heisman Trophy; outside of a limited expense stipend allowed to athletes, the provision for extraneous – and frivolous – payments or gifts is strictly prohibited, which includes limousine rides

What Happened After the Discovery of the Reggie Bush Scandal?

The development and subsequent release of the Reggie Bush Scandal resulted in massive media scrutiny; debates surfaces questioning whether Reggie Bush should have his Heisman Trophy stripped from him as result of his violation of the very regulations set forth by the organization responsible for the awarding of the trophy itself – the NCAA. However, the punitive recourse to which Bush was subjected as a result of the Reggie Bush Scandal was the removal of his Football jersey and number from the entrance to the Football Stadium at the University of Southern California

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