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The Shocking Price of the James Cameron Divorce

Price Of The James Cameron Divorce

Overview of the James Cameron Divorce

The James Cameron Divorce marked the dissolution of the marriage between director James Cameron and actor Linda Hamilton; the James Cameron Divorce was finalized in 1999, which ended the 2-yearlong marriage. However, James Cameron and Linda Hamilton had been romantically involved since the couple had met on the film set of Terminator 2, a film that James Cameron had directed and starred Linda Hamilton. Although the case of the James Cameron Divorce, which was considered by various media outlets as a celebrity, the impact of the dissolution of a union is thought to be universal; amongst the events and undertakings within a divorce proceeding, a divorce has the potential to elicit heightened emotions, such as sadness and loss – heightened emotion was certainly prevalent within the James Cameron divorce:

James Cameron is considered to be one of the few film directors who has reached such elite milestones with regard to motion picture industry, including holding the title for the highest-grossing movies in the history of the world – twice; both the films Titanic and Avatar, which were released 10-years apart from each other, both retained these tiles – in fact, Avatar is currently considered to be the highest grossing film in the history of the motion picture industry

Yet, despite his film accolades, Linda Hamilton was reported as describing James Cameron as a miserable and sad person; she described her in highly-negative terms, in addition to citing possible extramarital affairs undertaken by James Cameron with actors starring in films that he had directed

Legal Venue of the James Cameron Divorce Hearing

The James Cameron Divorce was heard before a judge in the Los Angeles County Court, which is located in the City of Los Angeles in the State of California

The Plea of ‘Contest’ and Challenge within the James Cameron Divorce

An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties have reached a mutual agreement with regard to the reasons behind filing for divorce, as well as the placement of fault in conjunction to the breakdown of the marriage. In the case of the James Cameron Divorce, both James Cameron and Linda Hamilton seemed unable or unwilling to negotiate mutual terms of the divorce or reach an agreement upon the identification of fault. However, within the State of California, a contested – or challenged – divorce hearing allows for the release of certain details of the divorce settlement to be released into public record. Although James Cameron and Linda Hamilton presumably did not wish to have the details of the James Cameron Divorce released to the general public, the inability to arrive at a meeting of the minds earned the James Cameron Divorce a large amount of publicity at the time it occurred. Subsequent to the ruling of the presiding judge, the following judicial review was set forth with regard to the terms of the J

James Cameron Divorce settlement:

Due to the procedure regulating the division of assets undertaken in the State of California, was Linda Hamilton was entitled to half of the couple’s combined, earned assets accrued during the time of their marriage; within the State of California, this is known as ‘Community Property’ – Linda Hamilton walked away with an estimated $50 million following the finalization of the James Cameron Divorce

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