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Learn All About the Shocking Details of Peewee Herman's Arrest

Peewee Herman Arrested

Background of the Peewee Herman Arrest

The following details took place upon Paul Reubens Arrested; due to his television persona named ‘Peewee Herman’, this event is sometimes referred to as the ‘Peewee Herman Arrest’:

Who is Paul Reubens?

Paul Reubens is an American actor who is most commonly recognized for his character persona ‘Peewee Herman’; at the time that Paul Reubens was arrested, Peewee Herman was amongst the most beloved television personas. However, the true controversy occurred at the time of the Peewee Herman arrest due to the fact that the Peewee Herman television program was considered to be a children’s television program, but also, Paul Reubens was arrested for masturbating in a public movie theatre.

Date of the Peewee Herman Arrest: The Peewee Herman arrest took place in July of 2006

Location of the Peewee Herman Arrest: The criminal activity undertaken by Paul Reubens took place in Sarasota, Florida

Criminal Charges Associated with the Peewee Herman Arrest

Paul Reubens arrested took place as a result of a call to local law enforcement claiming that in individual was reported to have been publically masturbating within a theatre that was screening pornographic films. Subsequent to the police apprehension of Paul Reubens, the following criminal charges were furnished by the arresting officers:

The Public Indecency charge resulted from the illicit and inappropriate sexual activity in a public place; public indecency is a legal, catchall term used to classify activity determined to be appropriate within the public sector

The indecent exposure charge arose as Paul Reubens was reported as exposing himself

The Punitive Recourse of the Peewee Herman Trial

Subsequent to the findings by the presiding judge with regard to the Peewee Herman trial, the sentencing, which resulted from Paul Reubens arrested involved Paul Reubens to undergo the following:

A probationary period in which he was be unable to be arrested, as well as a restriction from attending certain institutions screening pornographic movies

A court-imposed fine for an undisclosed amount

The Notion of Celebrity within the Peewee Herman Arrest

Due to the fact that Paul Reubens was widely recognized a celebrity at the time of the arrest – in conjunction with his audience being recognized as children - the media scrutiny surrounding the events inherent in Paul Reubens arrested were exponentially higher with regard to the coverage of the details of the event described as the Peewee Herman:

Uniform Sentencing with the Peewee Herman Arrest Trial

The Peewee Herman trial – akin to the vast expanse of celebrity hearings – run the risk for heightened notoriety for both the presiding judge – as well as for the legal venue – there exists supplemental considerations that are undertaken within any celebrity trial. Due to the fact that the public eye will be fixated on a celebrity trial, much like that public was during the Peewee Herman, the legal obligation of a judge is to exact justice in accordance to the precepts upon which the United States’ legal system was founded – in an unbiased and objective fashion:

Outcomes of the Peewee Herman Arrest Trial

Due to the fact that celebrities typically possess higher earnings and greater fortunes than individuals considered to account for the median members of society, the implementation of financial recourse - in the form of fines or fees - is considered by many legal professionals to be subject to inefficiency with regard to punitive recourse; within the Peewee Herman trial, many individuals suspected that the enforcement of a median monetary payment furnished by Paul Reubens would neither affect her finances nor serve as an effective punishment

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