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The Truth Behind Why Lil Wayne Going to Jail in 2011

Lil Wayne Going To Jail

Is Lil Wayne Going to Jail in 2011?

During his vast existence within the limelight of celebrity, many people – at many times - have wondered ‘Is Lil Wayne Going to Jail?’ The reasons for such questions are considered to stem from Lil Wayne’s prolific personality, including his penchant for recreational drug use, sexual escapades, and possession of firearms – a multitude of these activities are commonly depicted within the lyrics of his music:

Lil Wayne is considered to be amongst the most loved – and most popular stars within modernity. However, the price of fame and public adoration will typically result in one’s personal matters being available for public consumption; both the private life of Lil Wayne, as well as the activities within which he engages is no exception

On March 8th, 2010, a verdict delivered by the State Court of New York mandated Lil Wayne going to jail for a prison sentence of 1-years’ time; he was charged with both the possession of firearms, as well as illegal narcotics

Why is Lil Wayne Going to Jail?

Lil Wayne has been charged with 2 separate offenses involving both firearms, as well as drug possession; the results of both of these instances have resulted in Lil Wayne going to jail – once in the state of Arizona, and the other in the State of New York. However, while the sentence mandated within the Arizona State Court resulted in Lil Wayne going to jail, he was already serving a prison sentence within the State of New York; as a result, the sentencing of Lil Wayne going to jail was permitted to be served ‘concurrently’ – this ideology means that the sentences would be able to be served at the same time:

Lil Wayne Going to Jail in Arizona

Although Lil Wayne was sentenced to prison time in the State of Arizona, he was able to serve his sentence while incarcerated in the State of New York; he was charged for the illegal possession of narcotics – the following are the details of the case that resulted in Lil Wayne going to jail:

On January 23rd, 2008, Lil Wayne’s tour bus was pulled over in Yuma, Arizona by law enforcement agents who discovered Lil Wayne to be in possession of a variety of amounts of MDMA – the drug known as ‘Ecstasy’, Cocaine, and Marijuana; in addition, a variety of drug paraphernalia was discovered by the arresting agents

Lil Wayne Going to Jail in New York

On July 22nd, 2007, Lil Wayne was arrested in the State of New York following a performance; the arresting officers discovered both firearms and Marijuana on his tour bus; during his 2009 hearing, Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to the charges set forth, which resulted in Lil Wayne going to jail for a year’s time:

While in prison, Lil Wayne was reported to be a model inmate, who oftentimes corresponded with his fans, wrote music, and spend time writing music and publications

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