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Is It True: Lil Wayne Arrested

Lil Wayne

Who is Lil Wayne?

Born Dwayne Carter, Lil Wayne is an American rapper, who has been in the limelight since he was nine years old—Lil Wayne was the youngest member of the Cash Money Records label. Lil Wayne eventually joined the group, the Hot Boys, which included various Southern rappers. When the group launched their 1999 album Guerilla Warfare, Lil Wayne’s choppy yet infectious style garnered national attention. Lil Wayne broke from the group in the early 200s to venture into a solo career; although his first two albums were not successful, he blew up in the late 2000s with several mix tapes and various studio albums. Lil Wayne eventually rose to the top of the rap game; his style was beloved by fans throughout the nation. His success; however, hit a roadblock when the rapper was arrested for drug and weapon charges.

Lil Wayne Arrested:

Following a performance in Boise, Idaho, Lil Wayne was arrested on October 5, 2007 on felony fugitive charges after Georgia law enforcement agents accused the rapper of possessing a controlled substance. The incident; however, was described as a “mix-up” and Lil Wayne was released shortly thereafter. On January 23, 2008 Lil Wayne was arrested when his tour bus was stopped by Border Patrol in Yuma, Arizona.

A K-9 Unit discovered 105 grams of marijuana, roughly 20 grams of cocaine, $22,000 in cash and 41 grams of MDMA. Lil Wayne, for this possession, was charged with four separate felonies: possession of narcotic drug for sale, misconduct involving weapons, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of dangerous drugs. For these charges, Lil Wayne posted a $10,000 bond and returned to court in March of the same year where pleaded not guilty. Lil Wayne was issued a bench warrant when he failed to show for his court date; however, the rapper was already in prison, serving a year sentence at Rikers Island for a weapons charge that dated back to 1997. On June 22, 2010 Wayne plead guilty to the drug charges and as part of please deal he will serve a 36 month probation.

Lil Wayne Weapons Charge:

On July 22, 2007 Lil Wayne was arrested in New York City (following a performance), when the New York Police Department discovered Wayne and an accomplice smoking marijuana near the tour bus. After talking Wayne into custody, police discovered a .40 caliber pistol, which was registered to his manager, on his person. On October 22, 2009 Wayne plead guilty to criminal possession of a weapon—On March 8, 2010 Wayne was sentenced to a year in prison. Wayne was released from prison on November 4 of the same year.

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